When recoating with Coliseum floor coatings, the 24-hour recoat window begins after the first coat dries to a tack-free condition. Wait several hours after the first coat is tack-free before applying the second coat. Curing problems may result if there is not enough time between coats.

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Cleaners & Specialty Products

Screen Clean
Screen Clean

Ready-to-use cleaner for sealed wood floors used to remove dirt and soil during the wet screen process prior to finish application

  • Ready-to-use cleaner for sealed wood floors prior to recoating
  • Effectively removes dirt and soil during wet screen process
  • No dust
  • Easy-to-use
  • No mixing

Available in 5-gallon Action Pacs®


All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Multi-use/multi-dilutions
  • Heavy-duty cleaner
  • Heavy-duty cleaning prior to screening

Available in 4x1 gallons, Smart Saces™ and
5-gallon Action Pacs®

Buckeye Green Light
Buckeye Green Light

Super Concentrated Floor Cleaner, for use on all floor types

  • Super concentrated
  • Easy-to-use packaging “measuring chamber”
  • Superior cleaner
  • Chemically neutral when diluted
  • Low-foaming
  • Butyl and ammonia-free formulation

Available in Squeeze and Pour Bottles


Burnishing Liquid. One-step cleaner and gloss restorer

  • Improves gloss
  • One-step cleaner and restorer
  • Use with autoscrubbers or mop and bucket applications
  • Improves slip resistance
  • Low-foaming

Available in 4x1 gallons

Coliseum Mineral Spirits
Coliseum Mineral Spirits

Odorless, Virgin Mineral Spirits / Waterless Cleaner

  • Easy-to-use
  • Waterless
  • Ideal for tacking towels
  • Effectively cleans tools and equipment
  • Mild fragrance
  • Formulated for indoor use
  • Dries with minimal residue
  • Excellent for dust removal

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