When recoating with Coliseum floor coatings, the 24-hour recoat window begins after the first coat dries to a tack-free condition. Wait several hours after the first coat is tack-free before applying the second coat. Curing problems may result if there is not enough time between coats.

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Arena 300 Success
The Coastal Sports Flooring team members have been coating gym floors in California for over 60 years. Kris Dena, Co-owner says “when I choose a finish for my customers, I look for three things: quality, price and customer service. The quality of their finish meets the high standards of durability, appearance and ease-of-use. In Southern California we have seen the quality gym floor finishes go downhill fast due to the stringent VOC laws. After using Arena 300 we are extremely pleased with the performance of the product. The build and shine after 2 coats of finish is better than any other water based finish we have used. Our customers have been very pleased with the durability.

Arena 300 Floor

Arena 300 Floor

Arena 300 Floor

School Confirms Benefits of Buckeye Program

Windsor Academy is a private school located south of Macon, GA, and also the school of country singer, Jason Aldean! Wayne Brazier of Specialty Products met with Arthur Person, the primary contractor for the school, to discuss his cleaning and maintenance program. Brazier introduced the Buckeye Reflections® Wood Floor Program, Buckeye Eco® Squeeze & Pour products and the Symmetry™ Hand Hygiene Program. He demonstrated Buckeye products, and provided product training and testing with excellent results.


Brazier learned Person did not have an effective wood floor program in place, and the gym floor was not uniform in appearance. He introduced the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program, and recommended the Reflections 2-Coat, 1-Day Oil-Based Wood Floor Program for the quickest dry times and labor savings. Person agreed to a product demonstration time and date. The first thing he noticed was that Coliseum™ Odorless, Virgin Mineral Spirits/Waterless Cleaner had no odor during tacking the floor. Then Brazier applied one coat of Coliseum 100 Wood Floor Sanding Sealer followed by one coat of Coliseum 450 Oil-Modified Urethane Wood Floor Coating. Person was impressed with the hands-on training and results of the Reflections Wood Floor Program.

Reflections® Success Opens Door for Symmetry™ and Buckeye Hard Floor Care
Lemmon School District 52-2 has over 300 students enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school district’s 11,000 square foot gym floor is used for school activities and community events. Kelly Berg of Steins Inc. met with Robert Kellog, Maintenance Supervisor, and learned he was unhappy with his gym floor coating. The gym floor did not hold its shine throughout the year, was slippery, and had excessive black marks and scuffs. Berg introduced the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program and asked to perform a full-scale floor demonstration with Arena™ 300, Screen Clean™ and Floortonic™. Kellog agreed to the full-scale and evaluated Arena 300’s shine and durability during the 2011 season. He was so pleased with the results that he fully committed to the Reflections Wood Floor Program for the 2012 season. During the full-scale, Berg also introduced the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program and implemented Symmetry Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Wash and Symmetry Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer.

Lemmon School District.jpg

Kellog wanted to be able to restore gloss to the floor and improve overall traction during basketball season. Berg trained Kellog and his staff following the Reflections Wood Floor Program. Initially, Kellog was concerned with the time it would take to complete the wet screen process because they had never tried it. Berg showed them the wet screen process did not require additional time, and they discovered their floor was its cleanest, allowing coats to adhere better. Kellog also liked the ability to burnish Arena 300 to restore gloss and grip to the floor. As Kellog evaluated Arena 300, he observed better gloss retention, fewer black marks and scuffs, and better grip that lasted throughout the year. The Reflections Wood Floor Program was easy to follow, more effective, and did not require additional labor compared to their previous program.
School District Sees Significant Savings with Buckeye
Hampton Township School District was founded in 1862 in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. Several schools in the district are recognized by the National Blue Ribbon Association for their academic achievements including Hampton High School, Wyland Elementary School, and Central Elementary School. Additionally, for the fourth year in a row, Newsweek Magazine ranked Hampton High School one of "America's Best High Schools". Rick Farino, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, and Debbie Alderman, Head Custodian at Hampton High School, were introduced to Buckeye hard floor care, proportioning systems with dilutables, the Symmetry™ Hand Hygiene Program, and the Reflections® Wood Floor Program. They were not only impressed with the quality of products, but also with the overall cost savings. Once they implemented Buckeye products, several staff members thanked them for choosing great products.

Hampton Township School District with Coliseum 350

The Reflections Wood Floor Program provided significant savings for the school district. "We save roughly 25% because of the competitive pricing and how well Coliseum™ 350 holds up," says Farino. They were coating and screening their wood floors in-house, but overpaying for product. Using Coliseum 350 combined with Buckeye training keeps their gym floors looking great the entire year. Farino says what stands out about Buckeye compared to other suppliers is, "Buckeye is adamant about providing proper product training and following up."
Reflections® Outplays the Competition
In October 2011, Larry Clucas established Veterans Floors, Inc. He had been working with wood floors for more than 10 years, and decided to start his own company. Clucas was looking for the highest quality wood floor coatings on the market while still maintaining cost effectiveness. He was introduced to Buckeye Reflections wood floor products, tested Coliseum™ 350 Oil-Based Wood Floor Coating, and discovered the qualities he needed.

Chicago - Veterans Floors Inc.jpg

With the stringent VOC laws in Illinois, Clucas needed a 350 VOC OMU (Oil-Modified Urethane) wood floor coating that would apply easily. Other 350 VOC OMU wood floor coatings on the market were too thick and would not flow through his EZ Way applicators easily. Coliseum 350 works great for him and his customers. "The main things I love about Coliseum 350 are that it lays smooth and runs through my applicators with ease. It also covers my screen marks, leaving a great shine and appearance!" For a company that was just launched, Clucas knew it was important to make a great first impression with the gyms he screened and recoated the previous year. He has received all positive feedback from his customers. One of Clucas' customers, Julie Sullinger, Facility Manager of Belvidere Community Center comments, "Our wood floor has never looked this good before." As a result of Clucas' success with Coliseum 350, he has over 150 gym floor screen and recoat jobs scheduled for 2012!
Reflections Saves School Time and Money
Lake Havasu City Unified School District includes six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school with over 6,000 students enrolled. Marilyn Marks, Warehouse Manager at the school district, has been using Smart Centers™ with True 7™, Tenacity®, Buckeye Sanicare Lemon Quat™ and Star Spray™ Concentrate, Buckeye floor care products including RipSaw™ and Proclaim®, and Symmetry™ Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer. Bill Miranda of Road Runner Sanitary Supply most recently helped them standardize their products by implementing Symmetry Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash and Reflections wood floor products, Coliseum™ 450 and Screen Clean™.

Lake Havasu City High School

Miranda worked with Marks to implement the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program. She had been using a competitive wood floor coating with high VOCs, and had even looked into getting respirators to help with the harsh odor, but it was too costly. Miranda introduced Coliseum 450 and Screen Clean. Coliseum 450 had lower VOCs than the competitive product, and Marks purchased 8 pails of Coliseum 450 and 9 Action Pacs® of Screen Clean to complete their 15,000 square-foot high school gym floor. Miranda trained the staff on how to properly apply Coliseum 450 and maintain the wood floors with Screen Clean. They were impressed with how easy Coliseum 450 was to apply. Between the Symmetry and Reflections programs, Marks saved over $2,000!
YMCA Refers Additional Locations to the Reflections® Wood Floor Program

Jennifer Laurie, Facility Manager at Laguna Niguel Family YMCA, was referred to the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program by Mission Viejo Family YMCA after they successfully coated their gym floors with Arena™ 300 Water-Based Wood Floor Coating. Laguna Niguel Family YMCA's gym floor was dull and slippery, and Laurie was interested in a superior alternative. Laurie agreed to host a Reflections Wood Floor Seminar at her facility during which she and her staff received hands-on Reflections product and procedures training. Since applying Arena 300 to their gym floor Laurie says, "Everyone absolutely loves the new gym coating."

The Reflections Wood Floor Seminarwas held at Laguna Niguel Family YMCA and staff members from localOrange County YMCA facilities attended. The staff was trained on how to properly prep and apply Arena 300 along with maintaining their gym floors with Buckeye Green Light™ Super Concentrated Cleaner. They were pleased to learn the supplies they needed to prepare the gym floor were already readily available at their facilities. Since then, basketball and volleyball players have also commented on its improved grip. "We have received countless compliments." To clean the gym floor, they use Green Seal™ certified Buckeye Green Light through their autoscrubber. With the success of Arena 300 on their gym floor, Laurie and her staff also recently applied Arena 300 to their dance floor.


Wood Floor Veteran Chooses Reflections® Wood Floor Coatings

Glen Duke, Owner of RipTide Unlimited, Inc., started working as a chemical manufacturer sales representative in the industry more than 40 years ago. He began specializing in floor care and coatings, and then transitioned into concrete and wood flooring. In September 1997, Duke opened RipTide Unlimited, Inc., a complete gym floor restoration, refinishing, and installation company with customers across Florida and into Georgia. Jason Duke, President and Co-Owner, also joined RipTide over 10 years ago. They work with multiple colleges, municipalities, YMCAs, school districts, fitness centers, and health clubs. Three years ago, they were introduced to Buckeye Reflections wood floor coatings. After testing Arena™ 300 and Larry’s Super 40, they have become two of their favorite products to use.

RipTide Larrys Super 40.jpg

The Duke’s were interested in water-based wood floor coatings, and testing was completed at several college gymnasiums using Arena 300. They noticed that Arena 300 covered significantly more square footage than the competitive products they used. Arena 300 has proven to be a great fit for the 24-hour fitness centers as a result of its low VOCs and low odor. They are able to apply Arena 300 without disturbing gym members. The staff also commented on how much easier Arena 300 is to apply.

More recently, they tested Larry’s Super 40 oil-based wood floor coating. After trying numerous oil-based coatings, the Duke’s found Larry’s Super 40 to have all the attributes they were looking for: ease of application, gloss and durability. They were impressed with the results of the testing, and made the switch.

In addition to their success with Reflections wood floor coatings, the Duke’s also appreciate their partnership with Buckeye. Glen says, “I like partnering with a company that can provide hands-on assistance and help bring new business opportunities as well. We have not received that level of support from other companies we have worked with.”

Gideon School District - Coliseum™ 450
Gideon School District of Gideon, Missouri has been open since 1936 and is recognized throughout the state and region as one of the most technologically rich environments for students and the community.  Steve Chappel, Maintenance and Housekeeping Supervisor at the district was referred to Cape Janitor Supply and put in touch with Alicha Young.


After success with many Buckeye products, Young presented the Buckeye Reflections® Wood Floor Program. Chappel had been following a competitive wood floor program that did not provide enough technical support. Young introduced Coliseum™ 450 and Screen Clean™, and discussed Buckeye Reflections safety and procedures. Chappel became interested in the program, and agreed to let Young conduct training with his staff on one of their gym floors to test Coliseum 450’s durability. After he saw his newly coated gym floor, Chappel officially switched to the Reflections Wood Floor Program.

Thunderbird High School - Arena™ 300
The gym floors at Thunderbird High School in Phoenix, Arizona were in need of repair.  They were scuffed and scratched and peeling.  Anna Hollified, Assistant Foreman and Steve Waymire, Foreman agreed to a Buckeye Reflections wood floor demonstration with Arena™ 300 Water Based Wood Floor Coating on their dance and practice gym floor.  Once Arena 300 was applied, several teachers and coaches took notice.  They continued to receive excellent feedback, and decided to host a Reflections Wood Floor Seminar in their varsity gym where they also used Arena 300. Several large school districts were represented at the seminar.  Attendees learned about product safety and procedures, and received hands-on training as they applied Arena 300.  Thunderbird High School's gym floors look great!


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