When recoating with Coliseum floor coatings, the 24-hour recoat window begins after the first coat dries to a tack-free condition. Wait several hours after the first coat is tack-free before applying the second coat. Curing problems may result if there is not enough time between coats.

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School Confirms Benefits of Buckeye Program

Windsor Academy is a private school located south of Macon, GA, and also the school of country singer, Jason Aldean! Wayne Brazier of Specialty Products met with Arthur Person, the primary contractor for the school, to discuss his cleaning and maintenance program. Brazier introduced the Buckeye Reflections® Wood Floor Program, Buckeye Eco® Squeeze & Pour products and the Symmetry™ Hand Hygiene Program. He demonstrated Buckeye products, and provided product training and testing with excellent results.


Brazier learned Person did not have an effective wood floor program in place, and the gym floor was not uniform in appearance. He introduced the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program, and recommended the Reflections 2-Coat, 1-Day Oil-Based Wood Floor Program for the quickest dry times and labor savings. Person agreed to a product demonstration time and date. The first thing he noticed was that Coliseum™ Odorless, Virgin Mineral Spirits/Waterless Cleaner had no odor during tacking the floor. Then Brazier applied one coat of Coliseum 100 Wood Floor Sanding Sealer followed by one coat of Coliseum 450 Oil-Modified Urethane Wood Floor Coating. Person was impressed with the hands-on training and results of the Reflections Wood Floor Program.

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