When recoating with Coliseum floor coatings, the 24-hour recoat window begins after the first coat dries to a tack-free condition. Wait several hours after the first coat is tack-free before applying the second coat. Curing problems may result if there is not enough time between coats.

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Coliseum 350 - Product and Labor Savings

The Altoona/ Johnstown, Pennsylvania diocese schools consist of three Catholic high schools:  Bishop McCort, Bishop Guilfoyle and Bishop Carroll.  Prior to this year, all three schools outsourced their wood floor coating, paying for both product and labor.  Using Coliseum 350 and Buckeye Reflection's simple, cost effective preparation program the schools took their wood floor coating back in-house.  This not only saved them significantly in labor, but it saved them over $1,000 strictly in product.  The three schools used 55 gallons less of Coliseum 350 than they did their previous product. 

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